Top Online Bingo Rooms

Our top choice for online bingo is 888 Ladies, which comes from the founders of Pacific Poker and Casino on Net. In order to promote their newest product, 888 has injected tons of promotions and bonuses into this new bingo room including a £10 no deposit required bonus which you can claim right now on the 888 Ladies website.

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In addition to the £10 no deposit required bonus, players will have their first deposit matched a whopping 150% up to £150 free and will also receive 50% matches on their subsequent deposits.

Non Stop Bingo Jackpots at 888 Ladies: With twice daily £100 Guaranteed Jackpots, a weekly jackpot paying up to £888,000, a bi-weekly £10,000 jackpot, plus dozens of jackpots ranging from £500 to £5,000 per week. There is so much cash floating around your bound to find yourself some. To get started visit the 888 Ladies website.

Avoid Online Bingo Scams

Avoid Bingo ScamsAs a member of several legitimate gambling watchdog forums, I’ve read many stories about online bingo scams. There is nothing worst than hearing about some hard working mother who hits a jackpot only to find out it was a scam. This is obviously something neither you nor anyone else ever wants to have the displeasure of experiencing, and for this we’ll teach you how to avoid bingo scams.

The first tip we’ll give you to avoid bingo scams; never blindly trust websites endorsing any bingo room. This might sound like an odd statement considering its source, but the bottom line is it’s true. Let’s face it; our website as well as almost all gambling websites/portals get paid to promote gambling products to (you) our website visitor. The honest truth of the matter is the shadier a gambling company is, the higher they generally spend on their advertising and/or affiliate programs. A dishonest affiliate promoting scam bingo halls will generally make a lot more money than honest affiliates, and I do mean A LOT. For this reason the majority of “bingo rating guides” can’t be trusted as many will rank the rooms in order of which company pays them the most.

The good news is that there are dozens of honest bingo websites which provide fair games and fast hassle-free payouts. Even though we told you earlier not to “blindly” trust any gambling portal, and we are in fact a gambling portal ourselves, let us show you a sure fire method to identify legitimate bingo rooms, where common sense will show that this is trustworthy advice.

This sure fire method is to find a bingo room backed by a highly respected publicly traded online poker room, with lots of traffic that is not simply a skin of a poker network. Think about it, scam bingo, casino and sportsbook websites don’t look any different to players than legit ones. These scam sites could have stolen money from 305 players this month and when the 306th shows up there is no warning signs in sight. Online Poker rooms are much different, its interactive. Poker is an interactive game and the poker rooms make money much slower than their gambling counterparts. They do this by by taking small percentages from each pot. Scam poker rooms are filled with warning signs including low players volume (which is visible, unlike in casinos) and/or inconsistent/suspicious play from the game competitors. If you join a bingo room backed by an obviously legit poker room, you’ll be much more protected against bingo scams.

Source Credit: This article was written by Jim Griffin, better known as prop, who recently worked as a consultant for, an honest guide to online bingo.