Beat Online Casinos Guaranteed

Betfair Zero House Edge Casino

Casino gambling is one of the most stimulating forms of gambling as every bet carries immediate action and in many cases there are chances at huge jackpots. Imagine if it were possible to occasionally break from the daily grind of poker in order to beat online casinos for a guaranteed profit. Sounds good, doesn’t it? We’ll imagine no more, the God’s honest truth is that casino gambling can most certainly be beat!

You’re most likely skeptical by now, so let me just break it down for you. Online casinos rely on something called “The Gambling Nature”. The gambling nature states: “gamblers will gamble – and will keep gambling – until, they have nothing left to gamble”.

It no secret the gambling industry is both highly competitive and profitable. For this reason many online casinos will temporarily tilt odds in their players favors, in order to gain more business. The casinos realize, and have long term there of proof, that the number of players that fall victim to the gambling nature will far out weight the few disciplined players who exploit these favorable odds.

Now think about it, if you’re going to blow off some steam at an online casino wouldn’t it make sense to do it somewhere where the odds are in your favor. If you’re disciplined enough to not fall victim to the gambling nature and you find enough casinos willing to give odds in your favor than you shouldn’t you be a winner long term?.

So by now you’re probably thinking where do I get started?

Introducing the Betfair Zero House Edge Casino:

  • Blackjack – Natural suited blackjacks and 5 card 21s pay out 2-1
  • Roulette – The roulette wheel has no zeros making number wagers even money.
  • Baccarat – The banker commission is slashed to just 2.75%
  • Jacks Or Better – 22% increase on 5 coin Royal Flushes.

Not only does Betfair offer four games with zero house edge, they also offer a £50 sign up bonus. Talk about an online casino relying on the gambling nature, not only are they giving even odds, they’re starting players out with free extra money. To get started winning with these amazing odds head on over the the Betfair Zero Lounge Casino.

Introducing the World’s Largest Online Casino – 888 Casino on Net:

As the world’s largest and most successful online casino you can rest assured you’ll find plenty of offers and promotions to tilt the casino odds in the favor of the player. Right now 888 Casino on Net is offering an impressive 100% up to $200 sign up bonus. In order for this bonus to be cash out eligible, you must simply roll over your initial funds 20 times. While there are a few game restriction you should still be able to find games with frequent pushes or close to coin flip odds to clear this bonus at. In addition to the sign up bonus, 888 has one of the internet’s top VIP loyalty programs, as well as tons of other high value promotions. With all the cash floating around at 888′s Casino on Net its hard not to get your hands on some, to get started visit the 888 Casino website.