Online Poker Bonus Guide

$35 No Deposit BonusThere are only a couple reasons that people play online poker- fun and/or profit. When you come right down to it (no matter what type of player you are) you, just like everyone else, loves the extra edge poker bonuses provide. Unfortunately most poker players fail to look at poker bonuses the correct way.

In order to get the maximum value out of a poker bonus, you need to come to grips with the fact that all bonus offers are hype. It really doesn’t matter if a site is giving away 25% up to $50 or 500% up to $1000, in the end they’re all simply offering you a return back on what you’ve paid in rake. The whole concept that poker bonuses are free money is silly. Poker Rooms do not give away free money; they simply give you back a little of the profit they’ve made from your play.

Let’s use an extreme example:
I’ll give you $200,000 completely free, so long as you work for me for full-time for the next 10 years.
It’s quite obvious that even though I called the $200,000 free, it is not free. It’s conditioned on you being my employee full-time for 10 years. While this example is simplified, poker players need to stop thinking free money and start thinking about what the poker rooms are truly offering.

Let’s look at one of the more popular poker bonuses offered in recent years, which was offered by Titan Poker. Their offer was 100% of your initial deposit up to $500 free. A lot of players deposited and spent weeks, if not months, clearing this bonus and never realized how poor the deal was compared to other sites that they could have chosen instead. How many players do you think Titan might have signed up if their offer was presented as “If you let us make $2500 off you we’ll give you back $500” as opposed to “100% up to $500 Free”? Exactly, I’m sure by now you understand my point.

If you’re looking for a good poker bonus find one that pays out at the highest return of rake. Whilst this take a bit reading a sites terms to sorta the clear rate, the rate of return working this out is well worth. With that said, keep in mind that poker bonuses are not everything. Personally we are huge fans of Everest Poker despite the fact that Everest does not have the highest bonus offers. The reason we love their site so much is that, amongst other things, the games are so soft that our higher win rates much more than compensate for what the bonus offers lack.