Everest Poker Strategy

everest poker fishDecent players should have no trouble beating any game on Everest Poker. The site spends millions each year on marketing and advertising. These ads attract tons of new fish each day that are willing to share their expendable funds. Its also known, that Everest Poker markets their site to the Eastern countries where Texas Hold’em is a new game. Which means, that there are very inexperienced players joining Everest Poker each day.

Play With The Fish at Everest Poker Today

Lower Limits NL $25 to NL $100 and Fixed Limit $.25/.50 to $2/4

Players will find significant action on both 6 handed and 10 handed tables for low fixed-limit poker. These games are very fast with some reaching over 70 hands per hour with flop seen percentages over 70%.

This is where most of the action takes place for the No Limit games on Everest. A good majority of the tables are Full Ring too. During peak times, players will see over 30 10 handed NL $50 tables full and over 20 6 handed tables. The NL $25 and NL $50 tend to be tighter in comparison to the NL $100 tables where the shooters are. The average pots on the NL $100 games are insane and will have flop seen percentages over 50% often.

Medium Limits NL $200 to NL $800 and Fixed Limit $3/6 to $5/10

The action in these limits are significantly stronger than the lower limits. This is not to say the games are tight, like they are on Full Tilt. But players will notice there are much stronger players spread out in the Medium levels on Everest. Although, on weekends is when the fish come out to play on Everest and quite often they are buying into the NL $400 and Limit $5/10 games. Players who are patient and wait for the weak players can make a killing in these limits.

There are mostly short handed games spread out to these limits. However, there are still several full ring games being played, especially in the NL $200 games. There is not nearly as much action in the mid level limits for fixed limit poker players. There are few games running and barely any 10 handed tables being played.

High Stakes on Everest Poker – NL $1000 + and Fixed Limit $10/20 +

Better bring your A game out for these limits because you’ll be playing against many professional poker players. Occasionally you may see a super donkey or a player who just hit a huge score in an Everest tournament. 90% of games at these levels are on short handed tables.

At peak times Everest will have around 40 No Limit and 20 Fixed Limit tables running at these limits.

Strategy – A good way to improve your strategy at Everest Poker is to use programs like Poker Office and Poker Tracker. These programs record every hand played and opponents hand played. Which makes studying and reviewing your and your opponents game very easy.