Everest Poker Summit Points

poekr cashEverest Poker, best known for their great promotions such as WSOP satellites, welcome bonuses, tournament promotions, etc. also offers a loyalty based points program. This program rewards players for their participation in both real money ring games and tournaments through issuance of summit points. Summit Points are earned as follows:

Ring Games – 1 Summit Point paid for each $1 in table rake
Tournaments – 8 Summit Points for every $1 in tournament fees

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Players can use these points to enter any real money poker tournament, in lieu of paying that tournaments’ entry fee and buy in. These points are also used for clearing bonuses, and; soon players will be able to redeem these points for high value merchandise in the upcoming Summit Points store.

While the value of each Summit Point is rather low; there are numerous ways players can increase the value they receive from this program. For starters, the first two players at every table earn double summit points for the duration of the time spent at that table. A strategy serious multi-table players might consider involves starting many tables hoping many or all of them fill. This way double summit points can end up being earned simultaneously at many filled tables.

Hard core multi-table players, who use the mechanical approach, playing many tables tight, will find this points system favors their playing style. This is because, unlike most poker point schemes, the Everest program is based off table rake and not contributed rake. For example, if you fold your hand preflop and the pot is raked $3, you’ll earn 3 summit points without ever having risked a dime.

To further maximize the value of summit points players should occasionally play on the higher stakes Summit Point tables. These are like play money tables, except they use Summit Points as the betting stakes. Quite often players can be found on these tables who appear to be giving their summit points away. While we don’t quite understand why this phenomenon takes place, it does in fact take place. Perhaps its that these are player that are long term losers and they are now quitting poker, maybe for the 50th+ time, or perhaps they’re strictly ring game players and they come to these tables when they’re on tilt. Whatever the case might be playing these tables is a great way to maximize point earnings.

Terms and Conditions of Summit Points Program

For official Summit Points Terms and Conditions please visit EverestPoker.com. Below is an overview of the T&C’s.

  • Players must be in good standing and have registered with Everest Poker.
  • Players may earn partial points if the hand isn’t completely ranked to an even dollar.
  • To earn Summit Points players must be dealt a hand. Players who sit out will not earn Summit Points.
  • If the hand is not raked players will not earn any Summit Points.
  • Double Summit points are not available on heads up tables.
  • Summit Points will expire after a 12 months of inactivity.

Tournament Leaderboard: In addition to earning summit points at Everest Poker’s ring game and tournament tables, players can earn summit points by competing in the Everest Poker Tournament Leaderboard races. Full details of the tournament leaderboard promotions can be found on the Everest Poker website.

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